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16 December 1983
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Welcome to Emily's LiveJournal.
Hey Everyone!!
Well to start with I'm a 25 year old mum, (I have two beautiful daughters) and although I'm not married,
I am very happy with Adrian, the man who has been my life and the best partner to me for the last eight years!!
One thing you will find out about me here is that I'm a big sucker for ViggOrli! And more recently J2 (Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki).
 My favorite movie is L.O.T.R. My fave T.V. show is Supernatural and I love all kinds of music and movies.
I enjoy computer graphics, specifically to design wallpapers, and fic banners.

Images in this LiveJournal can be of a mature nature. If you are below the age of 18, please do not proceed.
If graphic images or m/m slash disturbs you, please be wise enough to leave and find another more appropriate site to visit.
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4. DO NOTchange or manipulate these images.
5. If you desire a particular image from my gallery, please email me at: lotr_gal709 at hotmail dot com.

Please do not hotlink!

Any comments or questions are welcome! 

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